Why Us

With over 67,000 site visits in 2017, only .02% had claims regarding damaged property or landscape.

2018 Damage Report

# of site visits # of Damages Damage Rate%
23,190 7 0.0302%

*Number of damages is adjusted for first quarter figures only

  • Safety is our priority
  • We value the protection of your properties
  • Constantly striving to reduce accidents and time spent fixing them
Date of Damage What Happened Date Resolved
1/24/2019 Edger machine picked up a rock and broke a window. 1/29/2019
3/7/2019 Our driver backed into another vehicle. 3/25/2019
6/11/2019 While Excavating a trench with a mini excavator, a copper water line was hit. 6/18/2019

Properties maintained and installed by Mission Landscape have been recognized with Beautification Awards over 110 times.

  • To ensure each property is up to a high standard, A 21-point Property Management Inspection system is conducted every 90 days by an upper management personnel
  • Notable Awards

    • 2016 CLCA—Orange County (Landscape Maintenance Beautification Award) for The Camden, Hollywood
    • 2017 CLCA—Orange County (Landscape Maintenance Beautification Award) for The Marlboro Seaside Villas
    • 2016 CLCA—Orange County (Landscape Maintenance Beautification Award) for The Brea Place
    • Mission Landscape has provided quotes upon request for new maintenance in an average of 7 days this past month. 100% of which were submitted by or before the "Due Date".
    • Additional maintenance enhancement proposals took an average of 1.4 days to complete, 43% of which were turned in the same day.
    • Our Year-to-date average response time for after hour calls is 16 minutes.
    • Our Tree Care service reported an on-time start rate of 98.5% and an on-time Completion rate of 94%
    • Last month service requests were completed on average of 2.2 days—49% of which were completed the same day
    • In 2018, property or landscape that has been damaged on account of Mission Landscape, has been resolved on average of 3 days
    • This year, 99.4% of new construction work was completed by, or before, the due-date