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We are currently seeking candidates for positions in our Irvine, Inland Empire, Riverside, Santa Ana, and Sacramento Offices. Please review the job descriptions and requirements provided before submitting your application.


  • The Account Manager is the person who makes sure the projects are clean, green and detailed. All punch list items generated will be completed in a timely manner working with Crew Supervisors, Staff and Irrigation Technicians. Reports to the Regional Manager and supports their needs to move the property in the direction of the goals set for the property.
  • Essential Duties & responsibilities

    • To keep our clients happy and maintain accounts to the maintenance specifications.
    • Managing, training and coaching the Crew Supervisors, Staff and Irrigation Technicians in alignment with company values.
    • Turning in staff payroll, invoicing and proposals on minor items and other paper work on time.
    • Monthly reports of equipment and tool inventories.
    • Monthly truck reports.
    • Interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning and directing work; appraising performance, rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.
    • Qualifications

    • Minimum 3 Year of Experience in Landscape Industry
    • Qualified Applicator Licensed, QAL Preferred
    • Valid California Driver’s License, Class C
    • Fluent in English | Bilingual (spanish) is a plus


  • Supervises and coordinates the activities of crews working on irrigation sites or projects while maintaining, installing, and repairing irrigation systems by performing the following duties.
  • Essential Duties & responsibilities

    • Drives crew to/from/between worksites when/where needed.
    • Monitors crew’s compliance with quality and safety standards.
    • Trains and evaluates the effectiveness of crews.
    • Monitors proper use of required personal protective equipment on crew.
    • Ensures proper use, care and inventory of company vehicles, equipment and tools assigned to/used by assigned crew.
    • Communicates crew performance concerns to Enhancement/Irrigation Manager/Regional Manager with recommendations for corrective action.
    • Fill out daily paperwork, including time sheets, timely and accurately.
    • Facilitate conflict resolution between crew members.
    • Monitor irrigation systems on properties while working to ensure adequate, efficient irrigation on site. Communicate damage or improvement needs to manager.
    • Perform and Monitor complete station by station irrigation inspections and create a report with a proposal for resolution.
    • Layouts and install new or renovated irrigation systems.
    • Troubleshoots irrigation systems to determine reparation needs.
    • Pulls and fits piping for irrigation systems.
    • Sets sprinkler heads and valve boxes.
    • amongst other duties
    • Qualifications

    • Minimum 1 Year of Experience in Landscape Industry
    • Qualified Applicator Licensed, QAL Preferred
    • Valid California Driver’s License, Class C
    • Bilingual | Spanish and English Preferred

Irrigation Technicians are responsible for the repair and replacement of irrigation systems. They conduct a variety of mechanical and electrical tests on irrigation systems, sub-assemblies, and parts to ensure units function according to specifications.


  • Minimum 1 Year of Experience in Landscape Industry
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent Preferred
  • Valid California Driver’s License, Class C
  • Bilingual | Spanish preferred

Automotive mechanics inspect, service, and repair the engines, brakes, and other parts of cars and trucks. They also perform routine maintenance to prevent future breakdowns.

Roles, responsibilities and expectations

  • Performs repairs on gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions and differentials. Including: fuel, ignition, electrical and cooling systems; power transmissions and differentials, universal joints and hydraulic units; steering mechanisms and other controls; wheel alignments and emissions control systems.
  • Disassembles, cleans, inspects, repairs, adjusts, installs and performs routine preventative maintenance on automobile, truck and trailer accessories and components.
  • Performs preventative maintenance work on trucks and construction equipment.
  • Performs necessary inspection and repairs to bring vehicles into compliance with emission control standards.
  • May perform minor arc and gas welding repairs.
  • May change tires and balance wheels.
  • Maintains and installs all electrical components, such as directional lights, safety warning lights, starting and charging systems, etc., on all types of vehicles
  • May repair vehicle body and chassis parts using hand and power tools, and install and repair power take-off equipment.
  • Observes all proper safety precautions.
  • Complete all necessary documentation in a neat and timely manner.
  • Replace and adjust headlights, and install and repair accessories such as radios, heaters, mirrors, and windshield wipers if reported by other employees.
  • Notify Supervisor immediately of unsafe work conditions or unsafe working practices observed in the work are and at all job sites when observed.
  • Is responsible for maintaining a clean work area at all times.
  • Required to perform the above duties as needed for service calls for trucks and equipment to keep fleet operating.
  • Qualifications

    • Working knowledge of modern automotive maintenance methods and procedures including the proper and safe use of general automotive repair tools, equipment and of lubrications and their proper use.
    • Ability to use skillfully the ordinary use of power tools of the trade; learn to perform skilled automotive repair work involving the use of specialized tools, instruments and equipment; keep records incidental to work; and operate a motor vehicle skillfully and safely.
    • Must have own tools.
    • At least three years of full time experience in automotive and truck mechanic repairs of its equivalent and working knowledge of gas and arc welding.
    • High School diploma or its equivalent
    • Valid California Driver’s License, Class C
    • Bilingual | Spanish preferred


  • Mission is hiring in the Inland Empire position is for a Small Engine Technician will repair Outdoor Powered Equipment such as mowers, trimmers, edger's, tillers, pressure washers, blowers, and chainsaws. We also repair products in the electrical and mechanical areas such as air compressors, generators, paint sprayer, and simple hydraulic systems.
  • Essential Duties & responsibilities

    • Repair all assigned units correctly, safely, and efficiently
    • Accurately document all work performed to each unit on the work order for invoicing.
    • Accurately capture all product information including serial number, model number, and other required information for the proper filing of warranty claims.
    • Clean repaired units prior to moving them to the outbound area for delivery.
    • Look up parts via computer and retrieve parts from parts shelves when needed.
    • Keep work area clean and organized
    • Housekeeping of all shop common areas and other duties as assigned
    • Other duties as assigned

    Along with the above duties, the Equipment mechanics are also required to work with and follow Mission Landscape Companies Values, Mission statement, and Policies.

The Regional Manager sets the vision and direction of the project in accordance with the goals of the property owner or owner’s representative through reports and proposals. Manages the Account Managers and enhancement crews and reports to the Vice President of Maintenance Operations.

Roles, responsibilities and expectations

  • To set direction overall vision of accounts in line with the goals of the clients best interest.
  • Irrigation Audits, Landscape Audits, Proposals, and Account Managers and Staff. Proposals and
    success of each project.
  • Monthly client / project / HOA reports.
  • To run operations safely and profitably and continue to look for efficiencies
  • Other duties may be assigned.
  • Qualifications

    • Excellent leadership skills.
    • Ability to organize and multi-tasks activities.
    • Knowledge of computer applications (Microsoft Office Suite)
    • Reccomended five years related Regional Manager experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
    • Associate’s degree (A.A.) or equivalent from a two-year college or technical school
    • Valid California Driver’s License, Class C
    • Bilingual | Spanish preferred

Maintenance Technicians work under the direction of the Crew Supervisor and are responsible for maintaining landscape and hardscape areas. Routine tasks include: raking, weeding, trimming, planting, watering, mowing lawns and turf areas.


  • No experience required, minimum 1 Year of Experience in Landscape Industry preferred
  • Bilingual | Spanish and English Preferred

Pesticide Applicators are responsible for identifying insect and disease activity. They must be proficient in the use of pesticide application equipment, demonstrate proper application methods, and have knowledge of correct pesticide rates. They conduct field and annual Employee Training for all pesticide applicators in English and Spanish.


  • Minimum 1 Year of Experience in Landscape Industry
  • Qualified Applicator Licensed, QAL Preferred
  • Valid California Driver’s License, Class C
  • Bilingual | Spanish and English Preferred

Crew Supervisors are responsible for communicating daily tasks and objectives to crew members, managing daily assignments and completion of tasks. They evaluate personnel performance. They ensure crews are working in compliance with all safety regulations. They interact with on-site representatives of property management.


  • Minimum 2-5 Years of Experience in Landscape Industry
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent Preferred
  • Valid California Driver’s License, Class C
  • Bilingual | Spanish and English Preferred

Actualmente estamos buscando candidatos para puestos en nuestras oficinas de Irvine, Inland Empire, Riverside, Santa Ana y Sacramento. Por favor revise las descripciones de las posiciones y requisitos necesarios antes de presentar su solicitud.

Mission esta contratando en Inland Empire la posición para un técnico de motores pequeños que reparará equipos de potencia al aire libre como cortacéspedes, podadoras, bordeadoras, cultivadores, lavadoras a presión, sopladores y motosierras.También reparamos productos en áreas eléctricas y mecánicas como compresores de aire, generadores, pulverizadores de pintura y sistemas hidráulicos simples.
Los técnicos son responsables de ayudar a la empresa a proporcionar un producto de calidad de servicio excelente y consistente a través del diagnóstico, la reparación, la evaluación de garantía / no garantía, la limpieza y la documentación de cada unidad que se envía al centro de servicio para su reparación o reacondicionamiento para que el cliente recibe una excelente experiencia de servicio

Responsabilidades laborales

  • Reparar todas las unidades asignadas de manera correcta, segura y eficiente
  • Documente con precisión todo el trabajo realizado en cada unidad en la orden de trabajo para la facturación.
  • Capture con precisión toda la información del producto, incluido el número de serie, el número de modelo y otra información requerida para la presentación adecuada de los reclamos de garantía.
  • Limpie las unidades reparadas antes de moverlas al área de salida para la entrega.
  • Busque piezas a través de la computadora y recupere las piezas de las repisas de las partes cuando sea necesario.
  • Mantenga el área de trabajo limpia y organizada
  • Limpieza de todas las áreas comunes de la tienda y otras tareas según lo asignado
  • Otros deberes asignados

Los Técnicos de Mantenimiento trabajan bajo la dirección del Supervisor de la Tripulación y son responsables de mantener el paisaje y las áreas de tierra dura. Las tareas de rutina incluyen: rastrillar, desherbar, podar, plantar, regar, cortar césped y áreas de césped.


  • No se requiere experiencia, se prefiere un mínimo de 1 año de experiencia en la industria del paisaje
  • Bilingüe | Español e Inglés Preferido

Los Técnicos de Riego son responsables de la reparación y sustitución de los sistemas de riego. Llevan a cabo una variedad de pruebas mecánicas y eléctricas en los sistemas de riego, ensamblajes y partes para asegurar que las unidades funcionan adecuadamente.


  • Mínimo 1 año de experiencia en la industria de la jardinería
  • Se prefiere con diploma de escuela secundaria o equivalente
  • Licencia de conducir válida en California, clase C
  • Se requiere bilingüe | español e inglés

Los Aplicadores de Plaguicidas son responsables de identificar los insectos y las enfermedades que puedan traer. Deben ser competentes en el uso de equipos de aplicación de plaguicidas, demostrar métodos de aplicación apropiados y tener un conocimiento de los tipos de plaguicidas adecuados. Capacitan anualmente a los empleados que aplican los plaguicidas en inglés y español.


  • Mínimo 1 año de experiencia en la industria de la jardinería
  • Se prefiere que el Aplicador tenga licencia, QAL
  • Licencia de conducir válida en California, clase C
  • Se requiere que sea bilingüe | español e inglés

Los Supervisores de Grupo son responsables de comunicar las tareas y objetivos diarios a los miembros del grupo, la organización de las tareas diarias y la finalización del trabajo. Evalúan el desempeño del personal. Se aseguran que el grupo esté trabajando en el cumplimiento de todas las normas de seguridad. Ellos interactúan con los representantes del lugar de la gerencia de la propiedad.


  • 2-5 años de experiencia mínima en la industria de la jardinería
  • se prefiere con diploma de escuela secundaria o equivalente
  • Licencia de conducir válida en california, clase C
  • Se prefiere bilingüe | español e inglés

Company Values

    We provide a product that meets or exceeds Client's expectations along with good communication, integrity and a timely response.
    We help eachother unconditionally.
    We are true to our word. We follow through on our word. we follow through on our commitment with clients and Employees alike.
    Our standard of doing the job right without compromise.
    Safety is our priority, in all we do.

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